Thursday, December 21, 2006

Families in Need Get Cars for Christmas

Several families received a car from the man known as Car Santa on Thursday.KMBC's Jere Gish reported that 11 years ago, Terry Franz gave away six cars from his small lot. This year, he'll help give away 50 in Kansas City.The cars are donated, along with the parts to make sure the vehicles are in good condition.

"An old car sitting on the side of your house you're not using isn't worth much to you, but it's worth a million to these people if they can get across town," Franz said.Jewel Smith cried as she look at her new car. She's never owned a car in her life, Gish reported. Now she doesn't have to walk to work."It's so nice. Thank you guys so much," Smith said. Sylvia Hoover lost both of her parents last year, then she lost her house and her car because of financial problems.

She has been borrowing a van to drive her 3-year-old daughter and two younger siblings."All these people that are here helping are just doing amazing things for everybody. For myself, for all the other families in there, it's just amazing. It's absolutely fantastic," Hoover said.

Gish reported that the families were nominated through Car Santa's Web site and through radio station 99.7KY. Franz said that he now gets 20,000 requests a year. He's also giving away cars in several other cities.

Source: KMBC-TV

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