Thursday, December 21, 2006

Chinese automaker recalls 1,875 faulty cars globally

The Chery Automobile Co. Ltd., a home-grown carmaker based in eastern China's Anhui Province, has announced it will recall 1,875 defective cars sold globally.

This is the first time for a Chinese local automaker to recall cars in the world range.

The recall involved offroad vehicles with automatic gear shift, which were branded Tiggo and manufactured between March 27, 2006 and Oct. 25, 2006.

Chery said there's something wrong with the fan controller which may overheat the engine.

These cars will be recalled between Dec. 20, 2006 and March 31, 2007.

Chery said it had exported over 25,000 cars this year, including the salable Tiggo series, to more than thirty countries and regions including Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Russia and Iran.

From November 2005, Chery began recalling its faulty Eastar series in China, making it the first home-brand automaker to recall cars in the country.

In developed countries, auto recalls are commonplace. China launched its first auto recall regulations with detailed implementation rules in October 2004.

Analysts said that there would be more vehicle recalls in China and the recall was good for the healthy development of the auto industry.

Source: People's Daily Online

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